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Tres Latin Foods

Delicious Latin-Inspired food made easy. At Tres Latin Foods, we believe good things come in threes. Vibrant flavors you can't help but celebrate and share, real ingredients you can taste by the bite, and easy to enjoy as a snack, appetizer or however you choose. All made with Organic and Non-GMO corn masa and all gluten-free.


It all started with two people, an adventure and a borderline obsession with produce. Veggie-Go's™ founders Lisa and John have always had a thing for real food. Growing it. Eating it. Loving it. So after living and working on organic farms across Europe, their shared passion transformed a spark of an idea into a whole new slant on snacking: delightful fruits, vibrant veggies and flavors so unique they're downright surprising. Now it's your turn to open wide and devour the delicious results.